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Mar 14, 2019

Striker - Offensive Information and Vulnerability

Striker 2.0 is still in prototype phase, which means it's not intended to be used by regular users. It has been made public for contrbutions to make the development faster.

Just supply a domain name to Striker and it will automatically do the following for you:
- Check and Bypass Cloudflare
- Retrieve Server and Powered by Headers
- Fingerprint the operating system of Web Server
- Detect CMS (197+ CMSs are supported)
- Launch WPScan if target is using WordPress
- Retrieve robots.txt
- Whois lookup
- Check if the target is a honeypot
- Port Scan with banner grabbing
- Dumps all kind of DNS records
- Generate a map for visualizing the attack surface
- Gather Emails related to the target
- Find websites hosted on the same web server
- Find hosts using google
- Crawl the website for URLs having parameters
- SQLi scan using online implemention of SQLMap (takes < 3 min.)
- Basic XSS scanning

Get and run Striker:
pip install -r requirements.txt
python [domain]

e.g: python

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