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Jul 1, 2018

Mettle SkyBox Studio v2.61 Free Download | 360/VR Plugin for After Effects | Cách tạo video 360° trong After Effects

Mettle SkyBox Studio v2.61 for After Effects

Mettle SkyBox Studio gives you the most complete set of tools available for 360/VR Production in After Effects.

A hybrid script/plugin solution, with 4 separate modules that address different aspects of 360/VR production in Ae.
Awarded “Highly Commended” Badge by 3D World!
Works within After Effect’s 3D space, with most Ae 3D plugins, including mettle ShapeShifter Ae, FreeForm, FreeForm Pro, Trapcode Particular and Form, Element 3D, Plexus and others.

SkyBox Studio is a hybrid script/plugin solution that makes it possible to create 360/VR in After Effects. Create a new Ae comp or take an existing comp and bring it into 360/VR format. Import stitched 360 footage into After Effects and apply SkyBox Extractor to create an undistorted view of your footage; makes it easy to add text, graphics and vfx.

Create Dome format between 180 – 270 degrees with an adjustable Field of View. Easily convert between Equirectangular, Spherical, FullDome and Cubic Cross Formats. Works within After Effects 3D space, and with most After Effects 3D plugins (mettle ShapeShifter Ae, FreeForm, FreeForm Pro, Trapcode Particular and Form, Element 3D, Plexus) .

360/VR Format
Compatible with all the latest VR and gaming formats.
Cubic Cross, Equirectangular and Spherical Formats.
Got one format and need another? SkyBox Converter does it almost instantly.
Reflection/Environment Maps.

For After Effects: Use a SkyBox Map (animation/still) as a Reflection/Environment Map in After Effects, and your background and reflections will perfectly sync.

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